Frequently Asked Questions

Q.- What if I need a car but I donít have a reservation?

A.- Just drop by any of our offices in Cancun International Airport, Mexico City or Ciudad Juarez.

Q.- Is there any other way to make a reservation besides this web site?

A.-Yes, call any of these phone numbers:

Cancun +52 (9) 884 6540, Fax 884 7843 and
Aeropuerto 886 0239

Mexico City +52 (5) 538 2180, 530 1897, 530 5451 and 530 8313

Cuidad Juarez +52 (16) 13 2727, Fax 13 2779

Q.-How can I make a reservation?

A.- You can reserve on the internet.  You just give us:

        1. Your name,
        2. Date of arrival,
        3. Type of car you want to rent and
        4. Your credit card information;
          1. Type of card,
          2. Number and
          3. Expiration date.

This is only to guarantee the first day rental fees.

Q.- Can I rent a car in Mexico with a driverís license from another country?

A.- Yes, of course.  Remember it has to be a valid car driver license.

Q.- Do you have promotional rates or discount packages?

A.- Yes.  We give a 15% discount or 1 day free on a 7 day rental for reserving on-line.  For other information about promotions, send us an e-mail or call us in Cancun and give us your requirements.

Q.- Do you have total coverage Insurance?

A.- No.  In case of accident, the insurance company will charge the deductible.

Q.- What kind of credit card do you accept?

A.- We accept all major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Q.- I donít use credit cards.  Can I leave a cash deposit to rent a car?

A.- No, we only rent on a guarantee of a credit card voucher.

Q.- Can I get medical expenses insurance?

A.- All medical expenses are included in your insurance policy.